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Photo Gallery Captions:
(If the magazine photos do not open during the slideshow or when you double-click them, then right click each magazine photo individually to open them in a new window.  You will also then be able to magnify and reduce the image size.)

Our work images are numbered left to right and top to bottom:
1.  Concept Residential Home rendering created in Form Z
2.  Cosmopolitan Locale Rendering
3.  Overhead View Functional Environment
4.  Container Home Module
5.  Side View Container Home Module
6.  Tunnel View Container Home Module
7.  Home or Office Patio
8.  Ground Floor architectural drawing created in AutoCAD of the 1st Floor
     of the Inglewood Unified School District Adult Education Building,
     106 E Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90301.
9.  Warm lobby-welcome area interior design work completed at THQ in
     Agoura Hills, CA.
10. Spacious lounge area interior design work completed at THQ in Agoura
      Hills, CA.
11. Los Angeles Times Article: Rosita Furniture (interior architectural design)
12. Los Angeles Times Article: Rizkowsky Designs (int. architectural design)
13. Personalized Office Desk
14. “Chair as Art”
15.  Low-key Fireplace
16.  Massage Space
17.  Generic Interior Space created in Revit
18.  Interior Bedroom Space created in Revit
19.  Ray SCE – Detailed Blueprint
20.  Table Blueprint
21.  Kahn Girls Dormitory Blueprint

We will continually update the Gallery to present other examples of excellent work that we've done.  If you wish to see a specific type of work to determine if we're the right company for you, send us an e-mail with your request.

In the meantime, visit us again soon.